North Shore Plumber or Do it Yourself?

How bad can it be? All you’ve got to fix is a dripping faucet, a toilet that won’t stop running, or maybe a leak that shows up – only sometimes! – behind the refrigerator.  There’s the internet, there’s the DIY channel, and there’s all the friendly folks at the local superstore.  Here you stand, Mr. or Ms. Homeowner, asking yourself, “Can I really do this? Or should I call my North Shore plumber?” That’s a great question, and the best time to ask that question is before you embark on any exciting and potentially expensive repair efforts.  Take a few moments to consider the following factors, and then decide if you want professional assistance in your latest home repair endeavor.

How Handy Are You? Experience  matters.  The longer you do something, the more adept you become at it – and have no doubt about it, plumbing requires some very specialized skills. Be realistic and assess your skill set: are you mechanically adept? Do you finish projects you start? Do you have even a vague idea of how to begin, or are you Googling frantically, looking for the DIY site that has pictures that look EXACTLY like your kitchen? If you are an absolute beginner, you have two choices: devote your time and energy to acquiring the skills and knowledge you need to do the job, or call your North Shore of Massachusetts plumber!

What’s Your Plumbing Prowess? Assuming you have some basic home repair skills, the next thing to consider is your plumbing knowledge. How much do you know about your home’s plumbing system? The more you know, the easier it will be for you to assess a problem, diagnose a cause, and figure out what the appropriate repair is – all of which has to happen before you get down to actually fixing the problem.  Additionally, do you know where to go for parts and supplies, and how much you should expect to pay for these items? Do you know how to make repairs safely, without damaging your home or hurting yourself? Your North Shore and Essex County plumber can answer many of these questions for you, saving you time, money, and energy.

What Does Your Schedule Look Like? Do you have time to fix the faucet yourself?  Answer this question AFTER realistically looking at your schedule.  Are you booked solid with meetings, travel, family obligations and doctor’s visits for the next two months? It may be quicker to have your North Shore plumber address the problem than to wait for a hole to appear in your schedule.  Bear in mind, too, that if you are not experienced at doing plumbing repairs, it will take you longer than it will take a skilled professional who does this all of the time.  Navigating the learning curve takes time.